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Delivering tailored real estate financing so you can spend more time in lush forests, clear lagoons, or wherever your dreams may take you. 

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Home Mortgages

How long will you keep the house? The answer to this question has profound ramifications on the best type of mortgage for you. Your mortgage should be tailored to fit your dreams, just like your house.

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Commercial Mortgages

Getting a loan for a commercial building is like getting lost in a forest of options. Let us be your guide. Our commercial loan expertise dates back to 1990. We actually got our start in this sector.

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Business Financing

For established businesses borrowing more than $1MM, it pays to play the field with an ex-banker in your corner. Even if your bank was once the best fit, chances are they aren't anymore. Optimize your C&I finance.

For the 1st time in my life I decided to pull some cash out of my house. I talked to several brokers and they gave me their rates which weren't bad. But one of my good friends told me to talk to Mark Marriott at Forest lending and boy was I glad that I did. The rates were significantly lower and Mark and his associates guided me through the whole process. All in all it was a great experience and since then my brother and two of my friends have also used Mark for their refinancing needs. It's a no brainer guys. Mark is the man!!!

– Kman 86, Google Reviews


Who better to have in your corner than an ex-banker with 100+ bank relationships.

Since my salad days at at Wells Fargo in the 1990’s, the good years at Union Bank in the 2010’s, and ever since, what I have enjoyed most about finance is getting to know my clients, their goals and dreams, putting forth a superior strategic analysis, and leaning hard into the market to deliver outstanding mortgages, commercial loans, and banking relationships tailored to accelerate my clients’ success.  I want every client to be able to say that they are more successful due to my efforts on their behalf, whether that be measured in principal reduction, portfolio growth, increased cash flow, liquid asset accumulation, or revenue growth.  I hope all the bankers and lenders I work with would also say that although I may drive a hard bargain, I always bring them deals they can trust and support their success as well.

                                                                                 – Mark Marriott, President

Forest Lender founder


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