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Home Mortgages

Your long term plan for the home, your expectations as to the direction of interest rates can have a big impact on the type of mortgage that is best.  Forest Lending has a vast array of lenders interest in lending on single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, quadraplexes, primary residence, vacation home, rental property, supporting a vast array of qualifying scenarios using your income, business income, rental income, assets.  Documentation can be extensive, or just bank statements (self-employed).  We do home equity lines of credit as well.  Whatever the scenario, Forest Lending will pull out all the stops to find the best fit. 

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Commercial Loans

If you own a business and lease its premises, consider buying a building for the business.  Many of our self-employed clients retire at the end of their career and discover that although their business is valuable, their building is even more valuable.  Great loan programs are available that require only 10% down. 


Commercial and industrial buildings are also great rental properties, as are 5+ unit appartment buildings.  The depreciation tax benefit is quite attractive and there are special tactics to maximize it.  You can even defer capital gains through 1031 exchanges. 


The loan options for these types of buildings get very complex.  We understand them through and through and will help you through it.  Often you’ll save as much with the right structure as you will with the best rate.  The wrong structure can incur very high costs downstream.

Business Financing

If you business has loans and/or lines of credit in excess of $1,000,000, and you’ve been with the same bank for more than three years, it’s probably time to engage Forest Lending to hold a grand competition of banks all striving to win your business.  We are experts at helping you find the best fit to achieve next level growth!  Bank appetites change so often that the ideal banking relationship is probably not the one you currently have.  We’ve helped hundreds of business owners increase their success.  Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Why Forest Lending

We are set apart from others in the industry by our focus on growing your wealth and success through strategic collaboration with you, that leads to savvy analysis and cogent recommendations.  Our decades of experience, and time spent as a banker on the other side, inform our outstanding effectiveness on your behalf.

Our business is built on integrity.  We fight as your champion in your best interest.  We avoid conflicts of interest, take anti-steering rules as sacrosanct, and all fees are disclosed.  Our dedication to integrity extends to our lending partners, with whom we are committed to long-term, productive relationships and win-win.