Forest Lending Makes Mortgage Shopping Easy

With Side-By-Side Comparisons

In-Depth Comparisons Enable Savvy Decisions

July 14, 2022, Redondo Beach, CA – The Forest Lending ® mortgage company today announced its Financing Options sheet program.  Real estate agents, sellers, buyers, and owners can get an in-depth side-by-side comparison of residential and commercial mortgage options drawn from over 100 wholesale lenders.  The Financing Options sheet goes beyond typical information like rate, APR, and payment to offer in-depth estimates like cash-to-close and total cost.  It’s easy to see which loan is cheaper over 7 or 10 years or life.  The impact of the inverse relationship between interest rates and loan fees is revealed such that the sweet spot in the curve can be selected. 


“Our clients like our Financing Options sheets because they reveal the trade offers between different loan structures and enable them to make savvy decisions.  We work consultatively with our clients to find the best structures for their specific situations and preferences.  Our realtor partners in particular like the sheets because they take out the guesswork for buyers to enable them to make well-informed, confident offers.”

– Mark Marriott, President, Forest Lending 


Reach out to Forest Lending today for a Financing Options sheet customized to your particular property or scenario.  Don’t get lost in the forest of choices out there.  Let the Forest work for you. TM