Financing a Purchase


Whether you are buying a home, buying a building for your business, purchasing homes for rent, buying apartment buildings, or purchasing commercial/industrial buildings, Forest Lending has you covered.  We'll start with your long-term vision for the acquisition, then leverage our lending network to come up with great options, and then focus and execute to complete your transaction on time with market-breaking results.


Whether you are buying your first home or your fifth, Forest Lending's approach will set you up for success now and in the future.  We'll help you assess your comfort level with debt, and build a strategy and loan structure tailored to your particular preferences.  Would you prefer a higher payment now to get free and clear sooner?  Would you prefer to leverage your home for as long as possible to increase cash flow and make other investments?  Your answers to these questions help determine the sort of loan that will meet your particular goals best.


If you own a business that needs a fair amount of physical space to operate, one of the smartest things you'll ever do is buy a building to house your business.  Now only do you get long-term control of your "rent" expense and physical space, but many of our self-employed clients get to the end of their careers and discover that their building is actually worth more than their business.  In addition to the capital that can be raised from liquidation, it can also be retained and leased back to a new business owner, providing great cash flow in retirement.  Perhaps most compelling of all are the many great financing options offered by the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration), financing up to 90% of the purchase price (or even more) with variable and fixed interest rates for up to 25 years.  Loan structure in this market is complicated.  The term of the loan can be different from the amortization, resulting in balloon payments.  Fixed interest rates often come with prepayment penalties that must be analyzed and understood.   At Forest Lending we'll help you navigate this forest of complexity and get these options working for you.


Real estate ownership for investment purposes is a great way to diversify your portfolio and enjoy both income and appreciation.    Real estate in California has offered high returns over the last several decades similar to the S&P 500.  There are a tremendous number of different financing options available designed to support buildings in all stages of their life cycle.  Whether you are looking at houses, apartments, or commercial buildings, buying, renovating, or ground-up construction, Forest Lending has the expertise to help you develop vision-driven strategies and secure market-breaking financing that leads to out-size gains in your financial growth and success.