Home Buyers and Agents Get an Edge with

180-Day Rate Lock on Property TBD Mortgages

with Forest Lending

Lock-In Affordability Now

July 25, 2022, Redondo Beach, CA – The antidote to rising interest rates is here.  Home buyers and their agents no longer need to worry about rising interest rates scuttling purchases.  Now, with Forest Lending, buyers can lock in an interest rate for up to 180 days at the start of their home search, before picking out a house of making an offer. 


Recent interest rate increases have been pricing home buyers out of their dream home, even after they have been pre-approved.  Now, with Forest lending, they can get pre-approved and rate locked, ensuring that rising rates won’t impact them.  This program is also great for the real estate agents that represent these buyers, enabling them to provide a great benefit to buyers, add value, earn loyalty, and close more deals in today’s volatile interest rate environment. 


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